The unique technology of metal microdots creates a powerful weapon against endless property crime in conjunction with the central registry

Marked and registered property can be quickly and unambiguously identified and returned to the owner.

The microdot code can be read by a smartphone, and the item can be verified in the registry. A registration card, which is part of each ID kit, is used as proof of ownership.

The chances of shortening the time to return these items are much higher. Also, the preventive and deterrent effect of the system is very important. Marked and registered items are worthless and dangerous for illegal holders or sellers. Your privacy is protected, and only you can reveal your identity if needed.

Microdots are miniature metal particles carrying a unique code that relates only to your property. They are placed in a colorless varnish with a UV agent. They are applied to protected items either with a brush or spray, both in hidden and visible places, often in dozens of positions. All microdots can never be removed, ensuring constant protection of marked items. You register marked items in the central registry. At first, it's enough when you set up an account, enter your email, name the items, describe them, and add a photo if you want. In case of theft, you mark these items as stolen on your account. During any check, these items are reported as stolen, and their holders are in danger. Microdots can be read by police, sellers, and users using a mobile phone or an additional microscope


Segments of marking and protection of objects with microdots

Vehicles (all types): Spare parts, audio and navigation systems, wheels, tyres

Bicycles, motorcycles

Pharmaceutical and cosmetic products: Medicines, vitamins, perfumes

Chemicals and fertilizers: Food additives, pharmaceutical chemicals, plastics, adhesives and sealants, petrochemicals and lubricants, explosives and munitions

Food production: Food, beverages, alcohol, tax stamps

Transport: Containers, shipments

Documents: Personal documents, certificates, tickets, forms

Electronics and parts

Packaging material

Energy: Cable and equipment protection

Mining: Equipment, raw materials

Clothing, footwear, accessories

Sports equipment

Other applications